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Currently a student at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Eva Link is in the midst of completing her bachelor’s degree in Illustration Design. Her focus on figurative painting and drawing started during her time at Canterbury Arts High School in the visual arts program, where she was immersed in life drawing, sculpting, and painting. This four year experience developed an interest in representation and a drive to create work that depicts a female experience in an honest way, or at least a way that she has lived it so far. These concepts were brought together in her thesis project at OCADU, which featured works that aimed to reveal truthful representations of often overlooked female character archetypes in popular culture.

She is involved in many realms of art in Toronto, all of which she has found augment her visual arts practises and inspire her work. Her involvement with the bands PONY (Buzz Records) and her own project, Triples, were an inspiration for her thesis work and, more specifically, the piece “Vengeful Psycho”; a piece that challenges the sexist stereotypes within the music industry and Toronto scene.

She is currently working on building her repertoire of realist oil paintings in a series of landscape work. The visuals are being referenced from a set of photographs she took during a tour across America with the band PONY last summer.

OCADU Illustration Program 2011-


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